Economic Benefits

The industry standard production warranty for solar panels states that they’ll produce 87% of their efficiency on day one at the 25-year mark, and as such all of our systems come standard with 25-year manufacturer-carried production warranties. After your loan is paid off, you own the system, you reap the benefits, (including the Federal ITC tax credit,) and your warranty is good for 25 years.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, is a federal tax program available to anyone installing a solar system before the end of 2023. It offers the ability to recoup up to 26% of the gross cost of an installed solar system for the final year in 2022, and often means considerable savings to average homeowners. The ITC is something anyone considering investing in solar technology in the future of should preferably take advantage of, while the Federal funds remain available. This incentive comes in the form of a tax rebate in one or more of the remaining years in the program. To learn more click here.

An option available to farmers, as well as small businesses across rural communities, the USDA provides “Rural Energy for America” or REAP Grants. This incentive can help make going solar a viable option for rural food producers, who might not carry enough “Tax Liability” to recoup the entirety of their Federal ITC Tax Credit, as well as increase incentive for local businesses looking to install a solar system. More info on REAP grants can be found here.

Modified Accellerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS):

This is the federal program which allows you to depreciate the value of your assets (including your investment in a solar system), over time which will lessen your tax burden and save you a considerable amount of money in the productive life of your solar system. To learn more about MACRS click here.

Renewable Energy Certificates, commonly known as REC credits, are a potential positive revenue stream that theoretically comes in the form of an annual payment from what’s known as a “REC Aggregator.” Although this carbon-offset system was initially advantageous to average consumers, we’ve found that, over the past few years, easy justification for enrollment in the program has deteriorated substantially, so as a consequence we are not offering enrollment at this time. You are of course welcome to enroll yourself, with our aid, if you’d like to potentially benefit from this incentive:

The NH State PUC rebate of $0.20/W is now closed. If funds become available again in the future, we will apply all of customers retroactively. More info can be found here.

Do you know someone who’s interested in potentially adding a solar system to their home, and you’d like to refer them to us? If solar won’t work for you, but you know someone who would benefit from having the conversation, we want to thank you for encouraging them to reach out to us. For any referrals to prospective clients who end up going solar with our company, we will pay $300 for each friend or family member you refer. If you’re already a customer with us yourself, we’re happy to pay you $500 for each of your friends or family member you send our way! After all, your glowing testimonial will make our job that much of encouraging your neighbors to follow your example, just that much easier!! If you know someone we can help go solar, please reach out to us here.