Going Off-Grid

So You’re Thinking of Going Off-Grid?

“So-called “off-grid” solar electric power systems differ from “Net-Metered” solar systems in that rather than having the benefit of the local utility grid to store your power, you store that energy where it is produced, so that you are in effect your own power grid.
Off-grid solar systems are for people who don’t have an electric meter, and don’t intend to have one installed. Going off-grid represents a transition in lifestyle for most, because your power is a finite commodity, that must be measured by the day, rather than by the year. It is also, however, the best possible power security money can buy, not to mention a possible necessity, and/or considerable savings over having a new meter installed, depending on your location and access to the local utility grid.
Co-founder Erik Pickhardt has been living with, and designing off-grid systems for most of his adult life, and can talk you through your options one by one. We offer a full suite of solar modules, batteries, charge controllers, and inverters, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish with your system. Whether you have a camp, an RV, or a full-time off-grid residence, we can custom tailor a solar system to bring you into true energy independence.

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