What is Net Metering?

Net-Metered, also commonly referred to as “Grid-Tied” Solar Systems work by taking the power you generate on your property, and both using it directly in your home as you need it, as well as storing excess power in the local power grid, to be used be you later on, when the sun isn’t shining.
The meter that’s currently installed on your home will be replaced by a bi-directional “net-meter,” which will essentially spin backwards when you have an overabundance of sunlight, creating a credit with your utility, so that you’re able to produce enough power in the summer, that your power demand in the winter can be eliminated.
Net-metered systems offer a tremendous opportunity for homeowners to “lock-in” current utility rates, and generally represent an enormous financial savings over time. Because you’re able to take full advantage of the summer sun, you’re able to spend the rest of the year free of utility bills!