What We Offer

Whether it’s a ground-mount or a roof-mount, net-metered or off-grid, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We can custom-tailor a solar system to fit just about any application, and will be happy to work with your specific goals to arrive at the most appropriate solar solution for you.

We offer full-service residential and commercial solar systems, from consultation to installation, utilizing the latest technology and offering the most competitive rates in New England.

For those of you looking for the ultimate in power security, we specialize in offering an array of options for all your off-grid and remote-living needs.

Hybrid Battery Backup

Backup Storage is finally a reality. We offer all battery chemistries, and can offer specialized quotes based on your needs.

Roof Mounts

The common sense approach: You have a roof so why not use it? We can install solar panels on almost any home.

Ground Mounts

We build to suit, and can offer ground-mounted solar energy options for any location and aesthetic preference. Optimally positioned, ground-mounted systems are capable of exceptional energy production.

Pole Mounts

Manually adjustable on a single-axis. Perfect where array footprint needs to be minimized.

Dual-Axis Tracking Units

We’re excited to bring you the newest option to our list of solar solutions, from one of the most reputable companies in the industry, with one of the most compelling products around! All Earth Trackers are built right over in Williston, Vermont, and represent the gold standard for solar production in high exposure scenarios. If you have a sunny field that you might otherwise install a ground mounted solar array in, an All Earth Tracker is absolutely worthy of your consideration!

EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles are the Future! Now has never been a better time to install a charging station, and to close the loop on that increased power demand with a solar system!

Whole-Home Standby Generators

For the time being, whole-home standby generators are still the most economical way to have reliable backup power in your home for when the local utility goes down.

Design & Engineering

As part of any system we build, full design & consultation services come standard. We’re more than happy to talk you through the process, and handle all the heavy-lifting!

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