Who We Are

We are your local team of dedicated solar professionals specializing in full-service PV solar Integration, motivated by the idea that solar power is a public good, & Founded on the principles of personal and professional integrity.

Headquartered in Boscawen, New Hampshire, Seventh Gen Solar is proud the serve the Northern New-England region of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. We’re a regional solar company at heart, and intend to remain focused on our backyard of New Hampshire and the greater Northern New England area, because we believe that big action happens locally.   

Now Offering Power You Can Feel Good About

Reliable Professionals you can count on

Founded on the principles of personal and professional integrity, and built with an innate sense of stewardship for the planet we all inhabit, we believe solar power is part of our collective responsibility of cultivating a better world for the next Seven Generations.

About the Founders

Long-time solar professionals Nate Preisendorfer and Erik Pickhardt have worked together at several solar companies in New England in the past, and have finally decided to combine their collective twenty+ years of expertise, in the founding of Seventh Gen Solar.
Nate Preisendorfer has worked as a project manager, fixer, and general go-to team leader in the solar industry for some years now, and brings with him a varied background, which has only served to enrich his enthusiasm for what he does. Prior to getting into the solar industry, Nate served in various international humanitarian relief organizations, before he decided to settle down with his Wife and two kids, and start a humble life for himself as a solar energy professional and a family man.
Erik Pickhardt, meanwhile, has worked in all aspects of the solar industry, from installation, to consultation, to design, to permitting and town planning, in addition to having personally lived with an off-grid solar system since 2011, and worked on off-grid and marine energy applications for much longer. Apart from his background in the solar industry, Erik can also speak to your interest in permaculture, hydro-thermal, and regenerative systems design, if you’re interested in abstruse suggestions you had no idea you were looking for.

About the Team

In order to offer you the best possible customer experience, we’ve teamed up with only the best and most qualified Master Electricians from all over Northern New England, with the aim that you system will be installed in record time, by a local team of professionals you can depend on, both now and long into the future. Our Central NH team includes long-time colleague and Master Electrician Eric Hansen, who leads a team of apprentice and journeyman electricians, who are the backbone of our company, and handle the bulk of installations in the Granite State.

Where We Are

Centrally located in Central New Hampshire, our offices are located at 1 Fisher Ave in Boscawen, should you like to stop in and visit us sometime. Generally, office visits are by appointment, but if you’re in the area, please feel free to stop by!

“Outstanding service with prompt response time and follow up without having to remind them. Truly a professional company that I highly recommend.”

Henk Oolders

20-Modue Tracking Unit in Vermont

Our Mission:

Seventh Gen Solar is a New-England based solar company rooted in the principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and professional integrity.
We are fundamentally committed to the idea that our clients’ and our planets’ best interests should lie at the heart of everything we do. Consequently, we’ll be honest with you if solar isn’t a good fit for your property, and we’re not interested in gimmicky sales tactics or setting up unrealistic expectations for anyone at all, much less the clients we depend on.
Because we believe that access to solar energy should be as broad as possible, we offer some of the most competitive rates in New England, as well as top-notch service from a team of solar professionals who are genuinely interested in making sure your system meets your standards, as well as your expectations.
And most of all, we’re solar providers because we see the intrinsic value of solar energy, not just because it’s the most economical solution for most people to close the loop on their power demand, but because it’s something our kid’s kids can be thankful for, and their kids after them.

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